Activity Request Form

If your ministry or group wants to have an activity on St. Philip’s property it must be approved by the Vestry. This is easily done but the first step is to fill out an Activity Request Form completely and submit it to the Vestry. Below are instructions and 2 versions of the form (only one form is needed).

  • Instructions (This is a PDF document describing what goes in each field on the form.)

  • Computer Form (Use this PDF form if you want to fill out the form on your computer and e-mail it to the Vestry.)

  • Printable Form (Use this PDF document if you want to fill out the form on paper and hand deliver it to the Vestry.)

If you click on any of the above items it should open the document in a new window or tab on your browser. If you prefer you can download the document to your computer by right-clicking on the item. Once you have completed them form you can submit it by either handing it to someone on the Vestry or e-mailing it to someone on the Vestry. Once the Wardens look at it they will ask you questions and possibly invite you to a Vestry meeting to present your request formally to the Vestry so they can vote on it.