Contributing to St. Philip’s Episcopal Church through myEoffering

Automatic Pledge Payments

We are pleased to announce that our church has partnered with myEoffering in order to provide you with the convenience of online contribution.  Online contribution refers to a process much like online bill pay, whereby donors opt to have their financial contributions to the church withdrawn directly from their credit, debit, checking, or savings account in lieu of bringing cash or paper checks each Sunday.

Many people are worried about the security of their financial data, especially with the headlines concerning identity theft.  Rest assured that we chose myEoffering in part because of their strict security measures.  They have passed all the required tests to be fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  This means that they are using the latest technologies available to protect against would-be data thieves.  They have processed electronic donations for many churches in the United States and we feel comfortable in the security their service provides.

myEoffering has designed a secure, web-based platform in which donors may privately and prayerfully make one-time or recurring donations.  Prayerful consideration of giving to God first enables you to witness a powerful sense of stewardship.  You can customize a completely individual method of giving, based on how and when you receive your income - whether it be bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly.

Signing up is as simple as clicking on the “DONATE NOW” button, which will bring up a separate page on your browser.  Once there, follow the steps outlined in the document attached to the “INSTRUCTIONS” button.

Thanks for the generous sharing of your treasure in the ministries of our Lord Jesus Christ!