Sunday  Schedule

8:00a.m.: Worship service (spoken, quiet)

9:00 a.m. Coffee Hour

10:15-11:30am  Worship service with music

11:30 a.m. Coffee Hour

Noon:  Scheduled ministry meetings

Sunday School youth meet on 3rd Sundays to pack lunches for homeless

Sunday School classes begin Sept. 24

Server Schedule

Philip's Table  

Saturday evenings in 2018

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Saturday Evenings Continue

Our Saturday evening series take place every Saturday at 5:30 p.m. We start again Saturday, January 20.

Gospel of Mark--in Living Color

We start our new “semester” by watching amazing video on the Gospel of Mark. A dramatic reader/actor has recorded the entire sixteen chapters of Mark, and we're going to watch that--yes, in one sitting. In years past, I have asked EFM students to do this, because watching it in one sitting really does give you a sense of this first gospel. No, Matthew is not the first gospel. The first one written was Mark's gospel, and it's interesting that Mark doesn't bother himself with a birth narrative. We begin in rather a breathless way with the arrival of John the Baptist in the wilderness.  

The following Saturday we'll gather (again, for supper at 5:30) in small discussion groups and have a conversation about our "take-aways" from the week before.

Soup in Crockpots for Supper

Our evening will start with supper. Bring a crockpot with homemade soup. I'll make sure we have some bread, and you can also bring desserts.  We'll talk about what we will do starting in February.  

Philip's Table

Whatever we do, we're going to call Saturday evenings "Philip's Table," since we gather at table to eat, to discuss, and perhaps as we move forward, to have an informal communion together. If you have not yet joined us, please feel welcome to do that--and bring a buddy. All are welcome, no matter where you are on the spiritual journey.


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